Cordial Catholic Podcast

One of my favorite Catholic bloggers, The Cordial Catholic, is now doing a podcast! I was invited to be on his 4th show where we discussed religious paradigm shifts, proof-texting from the Church Fathers, and Flat Earth Theory. What’s not to love? Advertisements

Indulgences Explained

Introduction Indulgences do not take up a lot of space in Catholic theology. (The Catechism, for example, devotes only 8 of its 2,865 sections to discussing them – a total of about one standard, typed page). However, due to their abuses in the 16th Century (which were acknowledged and dealt with in the same century),…

CWR Article

I entered the Catholic Church in 2014 and since 2016 have been running the Religious Education program at one of the largest parishes in the diocese. Here are seven things I’ve learned along the way. . . . My article on my first years as a DRE was picked up by Catholic World Report!