The Real Problem with Protestant Biblical Interpretation

This is a follow up to my video Could This Bible Verse Destroy Protestantism? With nearly 75,000 views, 4,500 likes, and over 3,000 comments at the time of this writing, it is by far the most popular video on my channel. But almost no one got it. Even after responding to hundreds and hundreds of…


The Bible Verse That Destroys Protestantism?

Protestants like to call themselves the “Bible” Christians as opposed to Catholics because they can often produce many scriptural proof texts to support their unique beliefs. But what happens when Catholics show that there are also Catholic proof texts – and some of them undermine foundational traditions of Protestantism itself? Click HERE for full video!

Sola Fide: A Quick Argument Against Sola Scriptura

Introduction The two foundational Protestant doctrines are those of Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone) and Sola Fide (faith alone). These two “solas” are known, respectively, as the formal and material causes of the Reformation. Sola Scriptura might be thought of as the methodological doctrine of the Reformation, for Protestantism is said to be founded on Scripture Alone (as…