CWR Article

I entered the Catholic Church in 2014 and since 2016 have been running the Religious Education program at one of the largest parishes in the diocese. Here are seven things I’ve learned along the way. . . . My article on my first years as a DRE was picked up by Catholic World Report!


Catechetical Leadership: Catechetical Resource List

Here is a list I am putting together of the most helpful resources for Catechetical Leadership. General Catechetical Information USCCB Approved list of curricula USCCB National Directory for Catechesis General Directory for Catechesis (online Vatican world wide version of USA book above) List of Church Documents on Catechesis FORMED (inc. Symbolon, Augustine Inst., small group resources, movies,…

Catechetical Leadership: On Family Faith Formation in the Parish

The Crisis in Parish Catechesis The numbers are in, and they are not good. According to numerous studies, Christianity is losing a large number of members annually – a phenomena known as disaffiliation.[1] One report stated that 3,500 people disaffiliate every day.[2] Another concluded that “nearly one-in-five adults under age 30 say they were raised…