I am Doug Beaumont – a writer (author / blogger), teacher, speaker, armchair philosopher, and back-seat theologian. I am currently completing a Ph.D. in Theology dealing with contested attributes of God. (When the struggle to finish my dissertation seems too great, I take solice in the encouraging words of Frank Schaeffer who said, “The most ridiculous thing in the world is a Ph.D. in theology, an oxymoron if one ever existed.”) Heartwarming, no?

This is my website / virtual office / web portaI. It is also the blog-formerly-known-as Soul Device (hence the WordPress address which I kept to keep links working). As this website is no longer primarily a blog, I’ve moved the articles I have written to their own “Blog” page accessed by the menu above and renamed it. I chose the eponymous title because that’s what this website is: me online. (Note: I do not not usually go by “Douglas,” but because I am not a football player or real estate broker, I had to use the formal version to get the domain name.)


To the right, you will find links to my email newsletter, article info, and possibly some ads that put a little click coinage in my pocket (and by “my pocket” I mean “my kid’s stomachs”).

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