Doug[las] Beaumont Online Update

Juggling private/public and personal/professional online content can get confusing! I’ve been trying to get my online presence clarified and better organized. I’ve managed to get it down to four basic “brands” (two of which will be combined this summer). Here is a summary. “DOUG BEAUMONT” (Personal) FACEBOOK: (personal accounts unlisted) TWITTER: SoulDeviceTweet INSTAGRAM: DougBeaumont2020 Any…

Classical Theism Podcast

I was recently honored to be on the Classical Theism podcast with some of my heroes. Had a great talk with John DeRosa about the alleged Great Apostasy. Enjoy!

Cordial Catholic Podcast

One of my favorite Catholic bloggers, The Cordial Catholic, is now doing a podcast! I was invited to be on his 4th show where we¬†discussed religious paradigm shifts, proof-texting from the Church Fathers, and Flat Earth Theory. What’s not to love?