Doug[las] Beaumont Online Update

DB Online 2020
Juggling private / public / personal / professional online content can get confusing!
I’ve been trying to get my online presence clarified and better organized. I’ve managed to get it down to two basic “brands.” (Since I want searches to find my Douglas Beaumont “brand” so I give my personal profiles other names.)




My professional theological work is indicated by the long form of my name, and pretty much all of its online content is either on this Web page or is one click away from it (e.g., articles, interviews, or books). The Facebook page of the same name mostly reflects the web page. My Twitter account is basically just a feed from my Facebook pages (I don’t really “tweet” and I almost never check it). The YouTube channel (web page “Videos”) is for my video content whether featuring my own recordings or a playlist of other channel appearances.



(Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Camino)

This started off as a Camino channel, but when the content expanded into general hiking and gear as well, I changed the name. Since I plan to continue hiking and get back into backpacking after my Camino, this channel will continue after it is over.


I hope that clarifies things!