The Message Behind the Movie Has Been REBOOTED!

My first book (originally published with Moody Press) has been updated and rebooted for the 2020’s!

Ignatius Press reached out to me and asked about redoing this book for my Catholic audience, and it gave me a chance to include some material previously cut by the original publisher as well as add new insights from the 15 years since The Message Behind the Movie was first conceived.


When it comes to movies, people of faith often focus on negative assessments of the film industry and certain style elements that they find objectionable, such as violence, nudity, or harsh language. While these criticisms are important, they are not the whole story. A film’s message and its method are not always the same thing.

By discussing the cinematic techniques and the genre considerations filmmakers use to communicate their ideas, this book helps Catholics and other Christians to become informed viewers. Douglas Beaumont shows how to evaluate the stories that movies tell and how to discern what they say about reality, God, and what it means to be human. At the same time, he illustrates how movie watchers can engage in thoughtful, lively discussions about not only film but also the big questions in life.