The Bible Verse That Destroys Protestantism?

Protestants like to call themselves the “Bible” Christians as opposed to Catholics because they can often produce many scriptural proof texts to support their unique beliefs. But what happens when Catholics show that there are also Catholic proof texts – and some of them undermine foundational traditions of Protestantism itself? Click HERE for full video!


Responding to “Where is that in the Bible?”

Introduction “Where is that in the Bible?” is a challenge Protestants commonly issue to Catholics when matters of disputed doctrine arise. Two common response strategies include trying to find a biblical reference to support the belief in question or to return the challenge by asking, “Where in the Bible does it say something must be…

Experiencing God – A Critical Review

Introduction Henry T. Blackaby is a Southern Baptist pastor and the main author of the book Experiencing God as well as its related “family of Bible studies” (which also include study guides, an Experiencing God Study Bible, a devotional journal, and, of course, a youth edition). Experiencing God remains popular even after it was first written 30…