Speaking & Teaching



I am available for teaching and speaking on a range of topics concerning Christian theology, apologetics, philosophy of religion, and movies.. I have spoken coast to coast in front of anywhere from ten to hundreds of people, and have always received great feedback. If you are interested in having me speak, please send the details to: dbgm

Popular Talks

  • Catholicism
    • Evangelical Exodus: Why I Became Catholic
    • Proving Catholicism from the Ground Up
    • Religious Conversion: Your Place in the Process
    • Staying the Course: Remaining Catholic After Confirmation
    • Mass Effect: The Importance of Attending Mass as a Family
  • Apologetics
    • Answering Skepticism: What is Truth?
    • Answering Atheism 1: Does God Exist? (Understanding Arguments for God’s Existence)
    • Answering Atheism 2: Can God Exist? (Responding to Arguments Against God’s Existence)
    • Answering Atheism 3: The Problem of Evil 
    • Answering Non-Christians 1: Is Christianity Inspired?
    • Answering Non-Christians 2: Historical Proof for Jesus’ Resurrection
    • Answering Protestantism 1: Identifying the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church
    • Answering Protestantism 2: Faith Alone vs. Scripture Alone
    • Answering Protestantism 3: Problems with Sola Scriptura
    • Answering Non-Catholic Christians 1: Was There a Great Apostasy?
    • Answering Non-Catholic Christians 2: Infant Baptism
    • Answering Non-Catholic Christians 3: Jesus’ Real Presence in the Eucharist
    • Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses – Is the Watchtower a True Prophet?
    • Answering Mormons – Was Joseph Smith Jr. a True Prophet?
  • Theology
    • Faith and Reason
    • Sin and Salvation
    • The Trinity (and Heresies)
    • The Incarnation (and Heresies)
    • Speaking of God: Limited Language for an Unlimited God
    • Catholic Morality: From the Cradle to the Grave
    • When is The End?: The First Century Apocalypse
  • Scripture
    • What is the Bible All About?
    • How Not to Study Your Bible
    • Daniel: Prophecy and History
    • NT History 1: The Life of Jesus Christ
    • NT History 2: The Life of St. Paul
    • Romans: The Road to Salvation
    • Revelation: Many Views of One Story
  • Other
    • The Message Behind the Movie: Engaging Film without Disengaging Faith
    • Media Discernment
    • Critical Thinking for Christians

Speaking Blurb

Douglas Beaumont earned a Ph.D. in theology from North-West University and an M.A. in apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary, where he taught for several years before coming into full communion with the Catholic Church. He has since appeared on The Journey Home and Catholic Answers Live, and has been interviewed by The National Catholic Register, EWTN, Relevant Radio, and The Patrick Coffin Show. He is the author of Evangelical Exodus and The Message Behind the Movie, has contributed to Bumper Sticker Catholicism, The Best Catholic Writing, The Apologetics Study Bible for Students, and the Christian Apologetics Journal, and has written online for Catholic Answers Magazine, Strange Notions, and Catholic World Report. He can be found online at douglasbeaumont.com.


Academic Positions

  • Belmont Abbey College (Adjunct Professor)
  • Southern Evangelical Seminary / Bible College (Assistant Professor)
  • St. Andrew’s Theological College and Seminary (Online Instructor)
  • Queen City Bible College (Associate Professor)
  • Calvary Chapel Bible College (Instructor)


  • Christian Apologetics
  • Christ and the Media Culture
  • Ethics
  • Critical Thinking (Logic)
  • God’s Will
  • Hermeneutics
  • The Book of Revelation
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Introduction to Theology
  • Issues in the Pentateuch
  • New Testament Survey
  • Systematic Theology
  • World Religions and New Religious Movements

Ministry Teaching

  • School of Ministry (Diocese)
  • St. Joseph Catholic Church (Religious Education Director, Catechist)
  • Dominican Institute (Instructor)
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church (Catechist)
  • King of Kings Anglican Church (Preacher)
  • Trinity Baptist Church (Adult Sunday School Teacher)
  • Institute of Biblical Studies (Teacher)
  • Southern Evangelical Church (Teacher)
  • Christianity Today (Online Moderator)
  • McKee Road Baptist Church (Adult Sunday School Teacher)
  • Mars Hill Discussion Group (Presenter)
  • Calvary Chapel Church (Preacher)
  • Fellowship of Christian University Students (Speaker / Teacher)
  • Southern Baptist Assoc. of Northern California (Preacher)
  • Precept Ministries (Teacher)
  • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (Crusade Counselor)
  • Wolf Mountain Summer Camp (Counselor)

Conference Presentations

  • 2018 Stockton Ministry Day – Effective Protestant Dialogue and The Message Behind the Movie
  • 2017 Sacramento Apologetics Boot Camp – Logic
  • 2015 Evangelical Philosophical Society National Conference – Christian Businesspeople, Gay Weddings, and the Ethics of Cooperation in Wrongdoing
  • 2012 National Conference on Christian Apologetics – Christianity Without the Bible: Apologetics for the New Atheism
  • 2011 National Conference on Christian Apologetics: The Message Behind the Movie
  • 2009 NC Regional Christian Apologetics Conference: The Message Behind the Movie
  • 2009 Ready for Answers Apologetics Conference: The Message Behind the Movie
  • 2009 California Christian Apologetics Conference: The Message Behind the MovieAnswering Jehovah’s Witnesses Using Their Own Bible
  • 2009 National Apologetics Conference – The Message Behind the Movie
  • 2008 National Conference on Spiritual Discernment: The Message Behind the Music
  • 2008 California Christian Apologetics Conference: Analogical God Talk & How NOT to Study Your Bible
  • 2008 National Conference on Christian Apologetics: Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses Using Their Own Bible
  • 2007 Spiritual Counterfeits Conference: The Impossibility of the Mormon God
  • 2007 California Christian Apologetics Conference: Eschatological Apologetics, & Secular Music and the Christian
  • 2006 Spiritual Counterfeits Conference: Seventh-day Adventism – Cultists or Christians?
  • 2006 California Christian Apologetics Conference: Hollywood Discernment & Tactical Evangelism
  • 2005 National Apologetics Conference: Discerning Music’s Message (aka The Message Behind the Music)
  • 2004 Evangelical Theological Society –  Paper: “The Hermeneutics of Eschatology: Preterism and Dispensationalism Compared”
  • 2004 National Apologetics Conference: Hollywood Apologetics (aka The Message Behind the Movie)

Talks, Interviews, & Debates

  • 2018 Deeper Waters podcast – Catholicism
  • 2018 – Hands On Apologetics – Evangelical Exodus and Conversion
  • 2017 Catholic Answers Live! – Sola Fide and Sola Scriptura
  • 2017 “I Thought You’d Like to Know” radio show with Bob Olson – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2017 “Outside the Walls” with Timothy Putnam – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2017 “Kresta in the Afternoon” on Ave Maria Radio – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 Catholic Professional and Business Club of Modesto – Conversion and Education
  • 2016 The Journey Home TV show with Marcus Grodi – My Conversion to Catholicism
  • 2016 Mater Dei Radio interview with Dina Marie Hale – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 “Jon Leonetti in the Morning” Iowa Catholic Radio – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 National Catholic Register interview with Kathy Schiffer – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 “Seize the Day w/Gus Lloyd” – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 Catholic Answers: “Focus” – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 Spirit Catholic Radio: “Spirit Morning” – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 Relevant Radio: “On Call with Wendy Wiese” – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 Radio Maria: “Meet the Author” – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 Redeemer Radio: “Redeemer Mornings” – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 Redeemer Radio: “Faithworks” – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 The Son Rise Morning Show – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 Mercy Unwrapped with Kristine Franklin – Catholic Conversion
  • 2015 Theology Matters – Purgatory
  • 2015 Ratio Christi UNC Chapel Hill – Natural Law and Sexual Ethics
  • 2015 Ratio Christi UNCG – God Talk
  • 2014 Theology Matters – Justification
  • 2014 Seize the Day w/Gus Lloyd – Why This Evangelical Professor is Considering Rome