My name is Douglas M. Beaumont, I am an educator and manager with various qualifications in both areas. I earned a Ph.D. in theology from North-West University and an M.A. in apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary, where I taught for many years before coming into full communion with the Catholic Church. I have since served the Church as an author, speaker, catechist, and Director of Religious Education. I seek to faithfully influence the local Church through the use of my gifts and experiences as I fulfill my primary vocation to my family.


  • Experienced writer and verbal communicator.
  • Excellent managerial, customer service, organizational, and multi-tasking skills.
  • Adept at teaching, training, developing, counseling, and coaching team members.
  • Critical thinker who is degreed in psychology, philosophy, and theology.
  • Technologically knowledgeable and proficient in business / education software.


  • Ph.D. in Theology, North-West University
  • M.A. in Apologetics with Philosophy, Southern Evangelical Seminary
  • B.A. in Psychology with Religious Studies, California State University Chico



Academic Positions

  • Belmont Abbey College (Adjunct Professor)
  • Southern Evangelical Seminary / Bible College (Assistant Professor)
  • St. Andrew’s Theological College and Seminary (Online Instructor)
  • Queen City Bible College (Associate Professor)
  • Calvary Chapel Bible College (Instructor)


  • Christian Apologetics
  • Christ and the Media Culture
  • Ethics
  • Critical Thinking (Logic)
  • God’s Will
  • Hermeneutics
  • The Book of Revelation
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Introduction to Theology
  • Issues in the Pentateuch
  • New Testament Survey
  • Systematic Theology
  • World Religions and New Religious Movements

Religious Education

  • School of Ministry (Diocese)
  • St. Joseph Catholic Church (Religious Education Director, Catechist)
  • Dominican Institute (Instructor)
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church (Catechist)
  • King of Kings Anglican Church (Preacher)
  • Trinity Baptist Church (Adult Sunday School Teacher)
  • Institute of Biblical Studies (Teacher)
  • Southern Evangelical Church (Teacher)
  • Christianity Today (Online Moderator)
  • McKee Road Baptist Church (Adult Sunday School Teacher)
  • Mars Hill Discussion Group (Presenter)
  • Calvary Chapel Church (Preacher)
  • Fellowship of Christian University Students (Speaker / Teacher)
  • Southern Baptist Assoc. of Northern California (Preacher)
  • Precept Ministries (Teacher)
  • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (Crusade Counselor)
  • Wolf Mountain Summer Camp (Counselor)

Presentations & Interviews

  • 2019 Sacramento Apologetics Boot Camp – Ethics
  • 2019 Stockton Ministry Day – Remaining Catholic after Confirmation, Attending Mass as a Family
  • 2019 Driving Home the Faith – Catechetical Ministry
  • 2019 Catholic Answers Live! – Works and Salvation
  • 2019 Hands On Apologetics – Sola Fide
  • 2019 Classical Theism – Answering Apostasy Theories
  • 2019 Hands On Apologetics – Sola Scriptura
  • 2018 Stockton Ministry Day – Effective Protestant Dialogue and The Message Behind the Movie
  • 2018 “Kresta in the Afternoon” on Ave Maria Radio – Catholic Conversion
  • 2018 Hands On Apologetics – Evangelical Exodus and Conversion
  • 2017 / 2018 Sacramento Apologetics Boot Camp – Logic
  • 2017 Catholic Answers Live! – Sola Fide and Sola Scriptura
  • 2017 “I Thought You’d Like to Know” with Bob Olson – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2017 “Outside the Walls” with Timothy Putnam – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2017 “Kresta in the Afternoon” on Ave Maria Radio – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 Catholic Professional and Business Club of Modesto – Conversion and Education
  • 2016 The Journey Home TV show with Marcus Grodi – My Conversion to Catholicism
  • 2016 Mater Dei Radio interview with Dina Marie Hale – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 “Jon Leonetti in the Morning” Iowa Catholic Radio – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 National Catholic Register interview with Kathy Schiffer – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 “Seize the Day w/Gus Lloyd” – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 Catholic Answers: “Focus” – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 Spirit Catholic Radio: “Spirit Morning” – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 Relevant Radio: “On Call with Wendy Wiese” – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 Radio Maria: “Meet the Author” – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 Redeemer Radio: “Redeemer Mornings” – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 Redeemer Radio: “Faithworks” – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 The Son Rise Morning Show – Evangelical Exodus
  • 2016 Mercy Unwrapped with Kristine Franklin – Catholic Conversion
  • 2015 Evangelical Philosophical Society National Conference – Christian Businesspeople, Gay Weddings, and the Ethics of Cooperation in Wrongdoing
  • 2015 Theology Matters – Purgatory
  • 2015 Ratio Christi UNC Chapel Hill – Natural Law and Sexual Ethics
  • 2015 Ratio Christi UNCG – God Talk
  • 2014 Theology Matters – Justification
  • 2014 Seize the Day w/Gus Lloyd – Why This Evangelical Professor is Considering Rome
  • 2012 National Conference on Christian Apologetics – Christianity Without the Bible: Apologetics for the New Atheism
  • 2011 National Conference on Christian Apologetics: The Message Behind the Movie
  • 2009 NC Regional Christian Apologetics Conference: The Message Behind the Movie
  • 2009 Ready for Answers Apologetics Conference: The Message Behind the Movie
  • 2009 California Christian Apologetics Conference: The Message Behind the MovieAnswering Jehovah’s Witnesses Using Their Own Bible
  • 2009 National Apologetics Conference – The Message Behind the Movie
  • 2008 National Conference on Spiritual Discernment: The Message Behind the Music
  • 2008 California Christian Apologetics Conference: Analogical God Talk & How NOT to Study Your Bible
  • 2008 National Conference on Christian Apologetics: Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses Using Their Own Bible
  • 2007 Spiritual Counterfeits Conference: The Impossibility of the Mormon God
  • 2007 California Christian Apologetics Conference: Eschatological Apologetics, & Secular Music and the Christian
  • 2006 Spiritual Counterfeits Conference: Seventh-day Adventism – Cultists or Christians?
  • 2006 California Christian Apologetics Conference: Hollywood Discernment & Tactical Evangelism
  • 2005 National Apologetics Conference: Discerning Music’s Message (aka The Message Behind the Music)
  • 2004 Evangelical Theological Society –  Paper: “The Hermeneutics of Eschatology: Preterism and Dispensationalism Compared”
  • 2004 National Apologetics Conference: Hollywood Apologetics (aka The Message Behind the Movie)