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[Insert Dramatic Announcement Here]

The time has come to make some changes to my online presence. Although I’m not going away, Soul Device is being retired.

When your tears have subsided, please read on. It’s actually not that bad.


For some time now I have been sensing that Soul Device had run its course. It began with my newbie apologetics articles (mostly summaries of secondhand sources). It evolved into better apologetics and anti-cheesey-Christianity rants during my seminary years. Finally, amidst random technology and firearm related posts, it traced my journey from Evangelicalism to Catholicism.

It was a good ride (Soul Device broke the 100k visitor mark last year, even though it was something of an incoherent mess when taken as a whole), but I want to focus on some new projects that will take up my blogging-for-fun time. I am entering into a new stage of life as a Catholic, academic, and a somewhat more mature person than the kid who started interwebbing back when that meant opening a Notepad.txt file and running an FTP program. I want my website to reflect these changes, so . . .


. . . I have pruned my post collection quite a bit. Most articles will remain available, and new / refreshed older ones will be added occasionally. However, the new site will be more of a portal to whatever else I am working on.

I will also be updating the site’s look, and changing its title from Soul Device* to “Doug Beaumont” because that’s all it really is – me, writing stuff.

*Historical Note: My friend Joe Heschmeyer once described Soul Device as sounding like the name of a 90’s rock band. This charge is ridiculous, of course. Soul Device is from a song by a 90’s rock band. Duh. (And what does he know anyway? His website is called Shameless Popery for Heaven’s sake.)

In Conclusion

Thank you readers. It’s been amazing growing and arguing with you. Even flaming (remember “flaming”?) was sometimes fun. I hope my future endeavors will be useful to you as well!


7 thoughts on “Website Revamp

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  2. at least keep most of it up… i still frequent your blog to read and even reread articles that are relevant to where I’m at in my spiritual journey. and you are very well articulated. i’m sure there will also be many others like myself who find your articles useful, either as protestants considering catholicism, or a number of other things like your articles on the biblical-inerrancy debacle among protestants.

    you can prune the cheesy stuff though… 😉

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